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Vai alla scheda dell'autore Andrea Gallotta

Andrea Gallotta


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Salvatore Pinna

Salvatore Pinna


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Efisio Casula

Efisio Casula


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Giovanni Masala

Giovanni Masala


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Pino Garau

Pino Garau


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Vincenzo Flumini

Vincenzo Flumini

Vincenzo Flumini was born in Pirri in 1950, a traditional suburb of Cagliari. He has been Angelo Galeazzi’s pupil, the famous engraver from Brescia that signed many famous weapons. For Flumini iron has become a reason for living. He started when he was fifteen as a blacksmith, then he specialized in wrought iron. Following his instinct, he began working with knives. His production is limited, made almost of unique pieces, usually done under ordination. These are numbered and certified by a notary, and if it is wished, they can be personalized through engraving burin by the same Flumini. In his production, with over 200 pieces, there are definitely the most famous knives of the Island, with the characteristic leaf blade, and also the less known “ Sardinian ancient style”. One of the best firm of Sardinian famous cutlery works Vincenzo Flumini ha delicate hand ...

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