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Onorato Zuddas


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Augusto Curreli

Augusto Curreli


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Giampaolo Onnis


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Nino Morittu

Nino Morittu


Vai alla scheda dell'autore Vittorio Mura

Vittorio Mura

VITTORIO MURA, the KNIFE MAKER MASTER AND EXPERT IN SARDINIAN POETRY has recently passed away at the age of 80. He was born from a blacksmith family in Santullussurgiu, province of Oristano. He inherited the art of forging metal from his father, learning how to bend materials with his inborn artistic abilities, mixing traditional materials (iron and animal antlers) with precious metals. His resolzas are unique and sought-after in the market. His workshop is still today a common destination for collectors and tourists. Vittorio Mura was also very fond of poetry, singing and music, strictly in "Limba" (Sardinian language). The skilful Sardinian guitar player and determined supporter of "canto in re sa lussurzesa” taught this technique to many youngsters of the town. Among scholars of Sardinian literature, he was famous for having collected and published the work of two ...

Vai alla scheda dell'autore Massimo Pisano

Massimo Pisano


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