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The history of the Sardinian knife

According to the tradition the origin of Pattada handmade knife is attributed to the brothers Mimmia (Giovanni in Sardinian language) and Giuseppe Bellu. Betwwn the 19th and the 20th century they gave birth to “Sa Resolza” as it is known today.

Pattada, a village in “Logudoro” in the centre of Sardinia, was already known for the ability of its blacksmiths (frailalzos) to work the iron.

Having a good knowledge of iron manufacture technics brought by the Arab and the Spanish in the centuries before the blacksmiths made the knife, apart from being an instrument used daily by the shepherds, a valuable manufactured article.

Characterized by a horn handle and a mirthly leaf shape steel blade (a typical mediterranean plant) Sa Resolza was subject to aesthetic and stylistic enrichments.

Pattada handmade knife, know as Resolza or Pattadese, is today considered the Sardinian knife for excellence and It is built in numerous versions different from the original for its shape, materials and decorations.

The Resolza boasts many imitations all over the world.

History of the Sardinian Knife
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