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Tore Fogarizzu fixed blade

Tore Fogarizzu fixed blade


Artist: Tore Fogarizzu


Size: cm 21,5

Availability: Unavailable

Price: not specified

Tore Fogarizzu fixed blade


Collectible Knife Fixed Blade type "Napol" with ATS-34 steel blade 60 HRC, Mammoth Ivory handle, 416 steel bolsters, weight kg 0.148, length cm 21.5 (8.1/2"). Napol is a beautiful and elegant fixed blade knife, it is named Napol by the author Tore as a recognition of the Naples knife making tradition to which the knife is inspired, nevertheless this knife is a creation of Tore and we really appreciate the grace and classical beauty he imposes on his knives. once again this is the result of a long tradition and experience in knife making. The mammoth ivory handle and the perfect execution make this knife a unique piece, this is the No 009 of its type but needless to say it is different from any of the remaining eight produced before by the author, this is a completely hand made knife with all variations of shape and materials that are worked out time after time by the author. The amazing characteristic of this knife is in the edges of the ivory and steel parts along the handle, they are all rounded and not just cut flush at same level, but each rounded edge runs aligned to the others in a perfect way. Also this knife comes with an original certificate signed by the author.

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