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Tore Fogarizzu Collectible Knife

Tore Fogarizzu Collectible Knife


Artist: Tore Fogarizzu


Size: cm 17

Availability: Unavailable

Price: not specified

Tore Fogarizzu Collectible Knife


Collectible Knife Folding Blade Rear Lock type "Drago" with ATS-34 steel blade 60 HRC, Mouflon Horn handle, 416 steel bolsters, weight kg 0.122, length cm 17 open (6.6/8"). Drago No 001, this is the first ever made Drago type knife by the author and we are very proud to have it with us. As you can easily imagine also for the knife shape the Italian word Drago stands for Dragon. This is a folding blade knife with a lock mechanism and unlock push button. The blade - spring - lock assembly and its functionality is the clear example of the perfection sought by the author while working on his new knife. The handle material is from mouflon horn and both color, pattern and transparencies are one of the assets of this knife. Very nice to handle and operate this is a dream collector knife and a perfect gentleman pocket knife. Also this knife comes with an original certificate signed by the author.

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