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Sardinian shepherd knife cm 11

Sardinian shepherd knife cm 11


Artist: Roberto Monni


Size: cm 11 x cm 23,5

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Price: $ 183.33

Sardinian shepherd knife cm 11

Pattada artigianale in ginepro cm 11 realizzata da Roberto Monni

Roberto Monni

Immersed in the wonderful setting of Sinnai, you will find the ancient cutlery of Roberto Monni: son and nephew of the masters in this sector. Roberto was born in June 1978, from childhood he learned the art, looking at his father Angelo and his grandfather Vittorio. With great ability Roberto created his first knife at the age of 14, using first choice materials: ox and ram's horn , olive wood. With a a very strict selection of materials and a skilled processing. The horn must be aged for at least five years and the stainless steel is forged by hand,and then they are assembled creating real "work of art"still known as "pattada", "leppa" or "arresoja".

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