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Swinguard 13 inch by Antonio Contini

Swinguard 13 inch by Antonio Contini


Artist: Antonio Contini


Size: 13 inch

Availability: Unavailable

Price: $ 2,180.00

Swinguard 13 inch by Antonio Contini

Swinguard ebony and ivory 13 inch by Antonio Contini. Damascus Andrea Gallotta.

Engraving : Vlastik Petak

As a custom hand engraver I cater for the needs of my customers with unique engravings on firearms, knives, jewellery and other materials to make their secret wishes and dreams come true. I engrave on the following materials – metal, precious metals, wood, ivory, bone, horn, etc. Methods of engraving used for my works are as follows: Bulino Dots and Lines, Chisel and Hammer, Gold Inlay, Multicolor Inlay, Scrimshaw, Wood Carving and Glass Engraving. I also do drawings and paintings. I prepare the design of engraves myself using my own fantasy and art creativity. If required literally by the customer, I also use supplied designs. However, I rather focus on originality of engraving design and its execution. Time needed for completion of an engraving is determined depending on the exigence of its design, the engraving method and materials used to form the engraving as a whole ( gold, silver, platinum, etc.) The price charged for engraving works is related directly to the facts stated in the article above. Furthermore, it is necessary to observe changes of supplementary materials (gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, etc.) used on quality engravings and the price of such raw materials shall be added to the particular engraving price. However, the properties of material (firearm, knife, jewel, etc.) to be decorated with the „quality“ engraving shall represent „quality“ both with technical parameters and price. In such case there should be „directly proportional relationship“ between quality and price.

The Artist. I was born in the year 1962. I am a great fan of nice engravings on firearms, knives, jewellery and other artifacts and I support all of my colleagues-engravers all around the globe. If you have read my website up to here thank you for your time and interest. If you have any question related to myself, any concerns or inquiries, please contact at the following e-mail address: petak.vlastik@gmail.com.

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