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Italian switchblade cm 35 by Lelle Floris

Italian switchblade cm 35 by Lelle Floris


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Artist: Lelle Floris


Size: cm 16,5 x cm 35

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Italian switchblade cm 35 by Lelle Floris

Italian switchblade cm 35 by Lelle Floris

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Lelle Floris is a Sardinian craftsman born in Ghilarza. He belongs to the third generation of a family of knife makers and gunsmiths who are very well known in Sardinia. He began to build knives of various types from an early age with preference for stilettos, switchblades and ancient historical types, both Italian and Spanish from different periods of the last two centuries. The creation of these knives in particular is the result of a careful study of the originals and their size, materials, weight as well as their construction techniques. All processes faithfully reflect what was done by the skilled craftsmen of that time. He obviously chooses carbon steel for the blade in order to have the distinctive patina of antiquity that it forms over the years. For the handles only natural materials are used, such as bone, horns, ivory and wood. The use of machines is limited exclusively to a bench drill and to very few others, the rest is done entirely by hand with simple tools. Each creation is therefore unique and unrepeatable. His knives are appreciated by collectors around the world, especially from the United States, Russia, Germany and Austria

Italian switchblade molise knife cm 35 by Lelle Floris

Handle : Camel Bone Scales

Blade : MA5M

This knife has a powerful spring and pops open with authority

The knife is packaged and sold in an elegant gift box An original idea and a huge impact for a special friend, a valued client, or just for yourself .........

Molise knife for self-defense; created by Lelle Floris whose origin dates back to the early 800s and from the parts of Campobasso and Frosolone. As you can see the dimensions of the knife are notable when compared to the hands of an adult. Once opened, it exceeds 35 cm and illustrates its aggressiveness. The blade is equipped with a second cutting edge that also enables the use of the tip as well as for cutting, and the handle is made of ram's horn. The blade ends with a coupling pin, which is inserted in the head of the retaining spring that allows the blade to remain locked in the open position, and the handle ends with a classical “S” guard that doesn’t allow the hand to slide toward the blade during the use of the knife in the penetration phase, thus avoiding injuring the person holding the knife. To open the blade, the knife should be held in a way so as not to give resistance to the exit of the blade from the handle and, at the same time, the button housed on the outside of the cheek must be pressed (this is more agile for right-handers). Unlike knives built in Maniago, the bracket that leads from the button opening to the hole in the blade is external and not concealed within the handle. This particularity allows us to create very thin knives, even in the face of substantial sizes in length. A thin knife could be easily concealed under clothing, placed in special pockets sewn on the inside of tabards or jackets. By pressing the button opening, the hook at the end of the bracket rises and frees the blade, which by means of the spring assist, is quickly expelled outwards, allowing the opening of the knife with one hand. It should be noted that unlike other switchblade knives this model is not equipped with a safety...a truly aggressive small object.

Stiletto molisano Lelle Floris


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