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Roman duel knife Lelle Floris cm 35

Roman duel knife Lelle Floris cm 35


Artist: Lelle Floris


Size: Cm 17 x cm 35

Availability: Unavailable

Price: $ 381.50

Roman duel knife Lelle Floris cm 35

Roman duel knife Lelle Floris cm 35

Lelle Floris is a Sardinian craftsman born in Ghilarza. He belongs to the third generation of a family of knife makers and gunsmiths who are very well known in Sardinia. He began to build knives of various types from an early age with preference for stilettos, switchblades and ancient historical types, both Italian and Spanish from different periods of the last two centuries. The creation of these knives in particular is the result of a careful study of the originals and their size, materials, weight as well as their construction techniques. All processes faithfully reflect what was done by the skilled craftsmen of that time. He obviously chooses carbon steel for the blade in order to have the distinctive patina of antiquity that it forms over the years. For the handles only natural materials are used, such as bone, horns, ivory and wood. The use of machines is limited exclusively to a bench drill and to very few others, the rest is done entirely by hand with simple tools. Each creation is therefore unique and unrepeatable. His knives are appreciated by collectors around the world, especially from the United States, Russia, Germany and Austria

Coltello da duello Romano 37 cm Lelle Floris

Antique stiletto by Lelle Floris cm 37 for duel called Romano (It's not a switchblade knife)

The Roman knife is a traditional and mysterious knife from Rome. Usually associated with brutal stories of violence set in the 19th century Roman neighborhoods

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